The 8 Benefits of Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit

The 10 Benefits of Building an Accessory Dwelling UnitWhat are the benefits of building an ADU? An ADU, also known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a detached living space on your property.

Some people use it as a guest house, others as a separate living space for family or a friend, but it’s also a great way to earn passive income and add value to your property.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of an ADU.

1. You Can Add an Office

The pandemic has shown that while the home office may seem like a good option at first glance, it is not easy to implement without the right conditions. Especially for families with young children, a separate space is a great help so parents can work from home.

Building an ADU is the perfect opportunity to create that home office space completely separated and provides the privacy needed for a productive work environment.

2. A Living Space for Adult Children

Moving children from home when they are adults is not only an emotional burden but also a financial one. For families where daily contact is essential, a small house on the property, the ADU, can be the perfect solution. It allows children to be separate from their parents and still remain close.

Providing parents that peace of mind needed when our children transition from the home.

3. Building an ADU for Senior Family Members

The situation is also similar to the previous generation. This can be very helpful, especially if the parents are already in need of care. This way you do not have to travel from another city if they have a problem or need assistance and you can care for your parents much more easily.

4. Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit for Guests

One of the best advantages of an ADU is that you have a completely separate room available if you want to accommodate your guests for an extended period of time.

Many times friends and family do not feel comfortable staying in someone else’s living space. By Building an ADU you can give them the privacy and comfort they want and spend more time with your loved ones in the long run.

5. Building an ADU Can Increase Property Value

A tastefully designed and well-maintained ADU can significantly increase the overall value of your property. Many large families or passive income earners are also looking for properties with ADUs, so building an ADU can help your house sell faster as well.

6. Create a Rental Unit for Passive Income

Passive income is not just a trendy buzzword: you can easily lease a well-designed ADU without losing oversight of the property. You’re able to help the tenant when they need something, while also having the option of oversight, which would be much more difficult to do from another city or location.

7. ADU as a Starter Home for Young Families

It is becoming increasingly difficult for young families to afford to move into their own property. An alternative could be for the next generation with young children to move out of their parent’s home and stay in an ADU.

It gives the young family the ability to have their own space while keeping it affordable until they are ready to purchase their own property.

8. Increase Neighborhood Aesthetic

An ADU can also contribute significantly to the overall esthetic of the property. The days of dusty cottages are long gone. Building a well-designed ADU can blend architecturally into the neighborhood while adding unique character to the property.

The Prospect 30 Eight teams will be happy to help you design and build your own custom ADU. If you have any questions, please contact our customer success team.