The Top 10 Design Elements Every Custom Home Should Have in 2024

To ensure that your new home stands out and meets the latest design trends, here are the top design elements that every custom home should have in 2024.

What is the Difference Between an ADU and a Guest House?

While they may seem similar, there are actually several key differences between the two. Understanding those differences will help you determine which option may be best suited for your needs.

ADU Financing: Everything You Need to Know

There are several ways to finance an ADU project. Here are some of the most common financing options for ADUs.

Embracing the Rise of Multigenerational Living: Home Addition Solutions for Modern Families

As more extended families share homes, housing needs have evolved, calling for accessibility, adaptability, and affordability. To meet these standards, there are several options available.

The Complete Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the Denver Metro Area

Prospect 30 Eight Construction draws on almost 20 years of experience to bring you the most up to date information on ADUs in the Denver Metro area.

Custom Home Construction Loans: What You Need to Know

Building your dream home is an exciting venture – albeit one that requires careful planning, especially when it comes to financing. From choosing the right builder to obtaining a construction loan, each step is crucial to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

The Environmental Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units: A Sustainable Housing Solution

In an era marked by urbanization and a surge in population, the need for sustainable housing solutions is growing. In our quest for a sustainable future, we are witnessing an increasing shift towards Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

The Pros and Cons of Building a Home Addition

When it comes to expanding your living space, building a home addition is a worthwhile consideration. But like any major home project, it comes with its unique set of benefits and challenges.

Accessory Dwelling Units vs. Tiny Homes: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to home building options, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Tiny Homes are trending at the top of many people's lists. But, the tricky part can be deciding between the two. Let’s clear up some confusion and answer the question, "Which is right for you?"

Building a Home Addition: What You Need to Know

A home is more than a place to rest your head; it’s a haven for creating memories, a sanctuary for finding solace, and a reflection of your personal style. Sometimes, the home we live in may need a little extra love in the form of an addition. Here are few essential things you need to know when planning for a home addition.