An ADU is a major construction project and Prospect 30 Eight Construction Inc is here to guide you through everything from design, permitting, and building. When homeowners think of building an ADU, many first envision a separate structure from their main house. This is a great option, but not the only type of ADU that is built. That is partly because it’s often the most expensive type of ADU.

Depending on the type and size of ADU you want and the materials you’d like to use, ADUs can vary greatly in cost. Something to keep in mind is that there are creative ways to build an ADU without building a separate unit. Many homeowners have space that is unused in their primary home, and unused areas including separate bedrooms can be converted into a separate unit. This can be a good solution for homeowners that are looking to downsize or cut costs as they head into retirement.


First, we will work with you to figure out what is possible for your property. Regulations in your area can determine what we will be allowed to build, and these include factors such as location, yard coverage, and even materials. When we analyze your property, we will reveal the opportunities and limitations in your property and compare them with the city or county requirements. We will manage these complexities and help you understand what is permitted to build and work for your budget.


There is a vast library of pre-approved designs that are available to choose from, and this can help in making your ADU more cost-effective. Many of these designs are pre-approved, which reduces design costs and eliminates confusion or uncertainty during the process of getting a permit.

Some people prefer to have more personalized ADUs designed completely from scratch, and this can be done with our design team. Alternatively, after we discuss your housing needs and share our suggestions for floor plans with you, we can talk about upgrades that can offer more personalization. We are also able to provide interior design options that you can consider.

At Prospect 30 Eight Construction Inc, we know how important transparency is. We believe in fairness and integrity, and that shows in the comprehensive proposals that we give you before you decide to move forward. Our proposals are detailed to include the costs for production, the expected timeline, and the materials that will be used. We do our best to anticipate any setbacks that could potentially occur, and inform you as soon as we can. Whether if you’re in Lakewood, or Golden we will love to help construct your proper ADU.

Our design team represents you. We will help in obtaining the permits and adjust for requirements from the building and planning departments. Once regulations are finalized and we have your approval to proceed, we will meet with you in a pre-production meeting to finalize all the practical details.


When the design process is finished, our team can start building your ADU. There are a few different ways that an ADU can be built, and the most common ones are conventional stick framing and framing packages.

Stick framing is used when the building team purchases standard dimensions of lumber from a hardware store and assembles the pieces on site. This method requires more manpower because each piece needs measuring, cutting, and installation. Because it takes longer to construct and needs more supervision, costs can go up and changes in weather can prolong the timeline.

Framing package involves having the components cut in the factory before they are sent to your home. This lessens the time needed for materials to be assembled on site. Though package pieces are initially more expensive, time and labor costs decrease, so the total building costs can be much reduced.

We will discuss the building options available to you and can help you determine which would be the best fit for your property and budget.  Contact us for a free consultation and proposal.

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