Do you feel like you’ve run out of room? Could you use an extra bedroom? Would an extra bathroom make your life easier? Does the kitchen need to be bigger? Do you love your current neighborhood but your house is cramped or dysfunctional? Or maybe it would be nice to have a bigger family room or dining room?

Rather than find a new home, a room addition to your home, in Denver, Boulder, and the outlying areas, is a fantastic way to increase your living space while improving your family’s quality of life.  The right choice for many homeowners is a brand new room addition. It’s like getting a brand new home without having to move out of the neighborhood you already love. You get a larger home and you get to stay put.

When it comes to adding a room addition to your existing home, Prospect 30 Eight Construction really listens to the needs and desires of our clients. We are here to provide expert advice and suggestions to ensure your new home addition meets your budget requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Kirkwood St. Home Addition


We work hard to inform out clients of the procedures, laws, and hazards that their project may encounter. From the first meeting, we aim to inspire and educate the homeowner, offering ideas, alternatives, and questions that may not have been considered.

With detailed proposals, together we can explore the various options available, finding the right products, and making the right decisions that will add value to your home and your family’s life.


We take great strides to be as unobtrusive as possible in your home and your daily schedule, keeping workspaces confined and clean, with dust and debris migration kept to a minimum.

We are licensed as an asbestos abatement supervisor, giving Prospect 30 Eight Construction a unique insight and experience with keeping our clients informed of necessary procedures and practices that will keep your family safe both during and after renovations.

Kirkwood St. Home Addition
Hession St. Home Addition


Prospect 30 Eight Construction has over 25 years of well-documented success taking dated, damaged, and unworkable spaces and turning them into the featured room in your family’s home. Whether it be creating new, vibrant, efficient spaces, or restoring space to its timeless, classic beauty, let us help you solve the puzzles of where renovation dollars are best spent, utilizing spatial concepts and incorporating unique design elements.

With large home additions, complete home remodels, custom home building, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) building, we appreciate being entrusted with your business.

Let us help you maximize your hard-earned home improvement investment.


We can accommodate all of your new construction needs from demolition, excavation, foundations, framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical and HVAC, through to the finishing touches of tile, finish carpentry, and paint. Your home will be structurally sound, energy-efficient, and customized to your needs and lifestyle, limited only by your imagination.

We go through strategic pre-construction planning, budgeting, price analysis, and scheduling processes that allow us to identify potential problems ahead of time. Our careful procedures minimize excessive labor and material costs. Working with you, we will create efficient work schedules, sound budgets, and innovative design ideas.

Baker St. Home Addition
Lafayette St. Home Addition


Prospect 30 Eight Construction, Inc. strives to build smarter, using the latest in materials and systems to maximize your home’s efficiency. We use cutting-edge equipment in all of our home addition projects.

We are at the forefront of innovative building practices, with projects all around the metro area of Denver including residential additions in Evergreen, Conifer, Boulder, and more.

Prospect 30 Eight Construction Inc. has been taking the lead in creating environmental and energy-efficient home additions since 2006.